SQLWATCH database TRUSTWORTHY property

When the SQLWATCH database is deployed, the TRUSTWORTHY property is set as ON. I am not much convenient with such an configuration…

I have experimented with it a bit and when it is OFF it seems to work fine. The only issue I found is that during the .dacpac deployment the newly created database requires to be TRUSTWORTHY = ON so that the SqlWatchDatabase assemply can be created (as it is considered as untrusted and the deployment fails otherwise).

Is it necessary to keep the database as TRUSTWORTHY = ON for any other reason or it can be switched to OFF?

Hi, I believe the trustworthy option was set for the message broker - there was a version (or option) to invoke collection via broker rather than agent, and I think that required it. Or, thinking about it now, it could have been a version that used CLR, that never went live. Either way, you should be ok disabling it.

No thinking as you mention assembly, clr was completely removed and it’s just pure TSQL.

I use the version 4.8 that is pointed as the latest release on the github and the CLR is there. Is there any newer “stable” release available without the CLR as you mention?