SQLWATCH Dac File Location?


I apologise for the noob question, but I am having some difficulty deploying SQLWATCH to try it out. I’ve looked in the installation documentation (https://docs.sqlwatch.io/sqlwatch-database/installation/install-with-ssms) and it mentions the capability of deploying it via SSMS’ data tier application. The documentation instructs you to locate the SQLWATCH.dacpac file but no such file exists in the github repository here:

I know that I am being really stupid here, but where can this file be found?


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Don’t apologise, it’s a good question.
The dacpac is included in every release. It’s part of the “build” and that’s why it does not exist in the repository as such - there are only source files.

Releases are here: Releases · marcingminski/sqlwatch · GitHub
and the most recent release will be 2.5: Release SQLWATCH 2.5 (2.5.7460.35921) · marcingminski/sqlwatch · GitHub

Each release will have 3 attachments - The actual application, and 2x source files in different formats.
You have to grab the actual application file (top link) which will be: https://github.com/marcingminski/sqlwatch/releases/download/2.5/SQLWATCH.2.5.7460.35921.zip

Unzip it on your disk and there will be 3 dacpac files. You only need the SQLWATCH dacpac to deploy the database but it will remaining two (master and msdb) to be present in the folder for validation (it’s just how dacpacs work) .

Let me know if you cannot make it work

BTW, welcome to the forum, you are the first member :slight_smile:

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Thank you, that has deployed successfully. No doubt I will be back with more silly questions in time!

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Glad to hear it works! No problem, there are no silly questions only silly answers. Come back anytime!