Grafana Dashboard not loading Instances

Hello Team,

I deployed SQLWatch successfully, and the central repository is pulling data as required,

but the Grafana dashboard only shows the central repository, how do we get it to show all the instances?

(I have 300 servers to monitor, so I can’t connect directly to them all, Central Repository is the best)

Also, Grafana works because there is no PowerBI service with this customer, and they need to have the dashboard on the screens.

did you try running the query from Grafana on the central repo database to see what it returns? To see if the problem is with Grafana or the data?


please how do I do that?

the bottom table looks to be the [dbo].[sqlwatch_config_sql_instance] can you execute the query from Grafana (edit dashboard and preview the query), alternatively, can you see what’s in the [dbo].[sqlwatch_meta_server] table?

Thanks Marcin

The table is populated

Here you go

Thanks. When you go to Grafana, click on Edit Panel and then Query Inspector to see the query Grafafna generated. Can you run this query in SQL and see what it returns?

Hello Marcin,

Please find attached the query from the dashboard. its the same as the above.

In other news, I did another deployment and the meta table has only the default monitoring instance (while the imports are successful from the linked servers).
Any ideas

Any response to this, please?

Hi, were you able to get the query out of grafana panel (say CPU or any other metric) and run in SQL?