Data in PowerBI disappear after SQL Server Agent restart

I started using sqlwatch on monday (great feature btw) on DEV environment. Just noticed, when I restart server or SQL Server Agent itself and refesh Power BI report - I can see only data after restart - can’t see data form previous days, although I have this data in database.
Any idea how to overcome this issue?

Secondary question: is there any script to flush old data (older than X days)?

SQLWATCH has always been designed to show all data regardless the restarts. I can’t even think of a single piece of code that would cause this unless your SQL Server changes name with each restart.

There are plenty options to remove old data in the application config:

and in the logger config:

Which version are you using?

Thanks Marcin!
Server name remains same all the time. Screenshot below is from my SSMS, we can see there are plenty of data before today:

and this is screen from just refreshed Power BI:

each day I can see only current day, regardless of selected baseline

version is

regards from Kraków :slight_smile:

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Are you telling PBI to only pull last 4 or 5 hours?
Can you show me your parameters you set in the PBI dashboard?

See the report window parameter

This is it, Report Window default is 4 hours. After change and refresh, I have data from previous days. Thanks a lot!

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