Unable to get SP_Whoisactive data report into power Bi

"Hi there! I have deployed Sqlwatch across four development servers which includes a central monitoring server. Using SqlwatchImport, I imported data and added three servers to the central monitoring server with this command:
‘SqlWatchImport.exe --add -s SQLSERVER1 -d SQLWATCH’
.Although the reports are displaying properly, but unfortunately, I’m experiencing issues with the SP_whoisactive section in Power BI not showing any data.
I’ve attempted to fix this by commenting out on sp [dbo].[usp_sqlwatch_repository_populate_tables_to_import]

– exclude tables that break the import that need fixing:
–insert into @exclude_tables
–values (‘sqlwatch_logger_whoisactive’),
– (‘sqlwatch_logger_system_configuration_scd’)

even after commenting out the above section the issue persists. Could you suggest a possible solution to this problem?

Note that SQLWATCH-LOGGER-WHOISACTIVE job is enable on all the server and SqlwatchImport.exe runs on every 30 minutes.