Trying to setup on SQL Express on Server Core

I’m attempting to setup SQLWatch on SQL Express 2019 on Server Core 2019. I get it installed but when I attempt to create the scheduled tasks but running “exec [dbo].[usp_sqlwatch_config_create_default_agent_jobs] @print_WTS_command = 1”, I only get a message stating that SQL Agent is not running and it’s needed.
Anyone get past this issue?


Looks like a bug.

The condition if the agent is running starts at the beginning:

It will never get to the point where it prints the WTS command.
I have not testing this, but thinking the condition should take the @print_WTS_command into account. Somethinig like:

if [dbo].[ufn_sqlwatch_get_agent_status]() = 0 and @print_WTS_command = 0

Anyway, to get you going, you can comment out this bit:

if [dbo].[ufn_sqlwatch_get_agent_status]() = 0
		print 'SQL Agent is not running. SQLWATCH relies on Agent to collect performance data.
		The database will be deployed but you will have to deploy jobs manually once you have enabled SQL Agent.
		You can run "exec [dbo].[usp_sqlwatch_config_create_default_agent_jobs]" to create default jobs.
		If you are running Express Edition you will be able to invoke collection via broker'

Let me know if this works