There is already an object named '##sqlwatch_jobs' in the database

i install sqlwatch with deploy
but there was problem not all the jobs has been created
i run
exec [dbo].[usp_sqlwatch_config_create_default_agent_jobs]
it took +20m
but i cancel the task
try to run again it gave me this error

There is already an object named ‘##sqlwatch_jobs’ in the database.

Disconnect all connections you used for installation and close all scripts, then rerun the install.

i am on a production inv,
should i delete the sqlwatch database and job
create a new user
then run the script again ?

also is there a way to cheek if it has been install the right way and all data is ok?

The table ##sqlwatch_jobs is created by procedure usp_sqlwatch_config_repository_create_agent_jobs, which runs during installation. If you’re seeing the error There is already an object named ‘##sqlwatch_jobs’ in the database., it means that you’re likely running the installer twice, or something somewhere runs in parallel where it shouldn’t.
Hence my recommended solution would be to disconnect everything, including the installer, or even kill the process, then either re-run the installer or just re-run the said procedure.