The latest log backup is older than expected

Is there a way to change this check’s thresholds so that it doesn’t show critical all the time? I take nightly backups and log backups and on my high load DBs I take log backups every 3 hours. This check is set for every 10 minutes to 60 minutes

Yes, just change the thresholds in the check_config table.

As a side note, even if your RPO is more than 3 hours, you probably should be taking your log backups more often. Why would you want to take them every 10 minutes?

The default parameters for that check are set to Warning if greater than 10 and critical if greater than 60

Yep. In line with what I’m suggesting but feel free tk adjust to your liking.

I’ve tried to change the values in the config_check table but they keep getting reset back to the original values. What’s up with that? What is changing them back?

the usp_sqlwatch_internal_expand_checks will be updating the checks table from templates, however, it should skip any that are user modified i.e. user_modified column is null or 0. When you change the chcek, does the user_modified go to 1?

No the user_modified column remains NULL in the sqlwatch_config_check table

so that may be a bug then. Just set the user_modified=1 and it will retain your settings.