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Hi Marcin
do you have a place where the community can contribute new checks for sqlwatch_config_check ?

I have a couple that I’ve made that I could add. It would also be cool to see other checks that other people have made to give me ideas for what I can use or to steal for my environment.

For example, I wrote a couple like:
Alerting if there is a user session running more than X minutes (like if a user starts running something stupid and goes to lunch and forgets about it).
For important jobs that I care about, alert if they run longer than X minutes.
If tempdb data file is getting full, email alert what sessions are using the most tempdb space currently
if the last several whoisactive loggings have a higher than expected number of rows (like for example if it’s normal to see 10-15 active queries at any given instant in time, but the last 3 had 50 active sessions, there could be some blocking or a bad query causing cpu/io issues, etc and an OLTP app may start slowing down for end users).

But basically if would be cool if there was some central place where we could put checks we wrote so we could borrow from each other instead of starting from scratch.


Hi Matt!

Yes! There is: https://share.sqlwatch.io
But… there’s not much there. I am not sure where to take it from there. It’s essentially a GitHub Repo with pages. I’m happy to take directions and ideas on how to make this work

maybe it could be a category label for a type of post here in meta? then someone could post a new check idea here and others could add feedback comments to it? if there’s a way to post code in here anyways?

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I did think that too. I’ll explore this option.