Sqlwatch_app_version not showing correct version?


When I check the version of sqlwatch in sqlwatch_app_version, is see version
But my sysdac file says

Do I have installed 4.3 or am I still running 4.2?


The sqlwatch_app_version is populated from the same variable that goes into sysdac - or more specifically, I read the version from the dacpac and then populate the table. The only way this would be different is when the deployment fails towards the end and does not populate the table correctly. If the sysdac says 4.3 then it must be 4.3.

There is an easy way to check - you can run a dacpac deployment but instead of publishing the database you can just obtain a diff report and it will tell you all the changes.


When deploying the dacpac with management studio, no changes will be done. So, I have 4.3 running, but the table is not updated. sqlwatch_app_version is still showing 4.2

|1|2021-09-23 11:53:55.0249817 +02:00||
|2|2021-12-09 09:54:45.3744651 +01:00||
|3|2021-12-09 09:59:29.7824243 +01:00||
|4|2021-12-09 10:44:33.6755922 +01:00||

Actually, I seem to remember there was a bug in 4.2 that did not actually populate the version correctly: