Installation of v4.8 on SQL 2014 not working

Hi @all,

I’m trying to update sqlwatch to 4.8 over SSMS → “Upgrade Data-tier Application”, but the installation fails with the following error:
Error SQL72014: .Net SqlClient Data Provider: message 7738, level 16, status 2, row 1 Compression cannot be enabled for sqlwatch_logger_agent_job_history object. Only SQL Server Enterprise Edition supports compression.

If I have read and understood correctly at Microsoft documentation, data compression is only available in all editions from SQL 2016 SP1 onwards.

Is there any chance to install v4.8 on SQL 2014 Standard Edition ?

Thanks a lot.


That’s right, the compression in non-enterprise editions has been introduced in SQL 2016 SP1.
As SQL2014 has reached the end of its life, I would encourage you to migrate to a newer version. However, to make this work, you can open the project in Visual Studio and remove (DATA_COMPRESSION=PAGE) from across the project (via search and replace) and regenerate the dacpac.

Hi Marcin,

that worked :smile:

Many thanks !

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