Deleted database cleanup

Hi, when I delete a database, should the checks and actions be deleted that correspond to those databases?
I have deleted 5 databases from my machine, but alerts still got fired for backups missing and I can still see the checks and actions associated to the deleted databases.


Technically once the meta data is refreshed in meta_database table and checks repopulated from template, they should automatically drop off. This should happen automatically but it may take couple of hours for the cycle to complete. The condition is that you must use “auro-expanded” checks. If you have manually create checks they will stay forever.

Just had a look in the meta_database table and it still has the list of old databases, this is after 12 hours.
I guess that’s why the checks/actions aren’t being removed.

There is a retention parameter for “last_seen” items, I think the default is 7 days.

Ah ok yeah that will likely clear it all up.

Just weird that it started emailing me alerts every 10 minutes saying no log backups (this was the only action I had in place). It was registering the last log backup as 9999.

I had to delete the actions to stop it alerting.