Dashboard refresh getting errors after adding a remote server

I have SQLWATCH setup on 2 sql servers, PBI Dashboard for the Central repository was working fine before declaring/adding 1st remote server as Central repo, then added a remote a server. This morning, I compiled SqlWatchImport, run it, import was successful and I can see that records were transfered from remote to central repo. However, when I fired the sameDashboard in Power BI and did “Refresh”, I started getting errors because of not allowed duplicates for database_name column in “Dim database” for database “model” which is normal as it exists on both sql servers and a 3rd server which I intend to add. I opened the relationship page and indeed there is a many-to-one relationship between several entities and “dim Database”. I am not an expert in PowerBI, so how this can be fixed? Hereunder couple of the errors
Thanks in advance for your help

Also, in “Edit Parameter”, I still see in Repository Filter", SQLSERVER1 and 2 and not my instance as you can notice