Creating centralization(Repository)

All things SQLWATCH.
Dear Sir,
We are facing issue on installation and Repository,
Please give proper documentation.If any video available on YouTube three video available but repository videos not available help me sir.thanking you to all.

It would help if you told us what error you are experiencing.

Documentation is available at

If you want to use SSIS, a video is also available at

Hii Sir,
Some server don’t having ssis we need linked server installation setup properly sir.Other branch Team members are installing everything they are getting all server alerts.
please make video sir usefull to use us and all.
thanks you sir for your valuable time.

You do not need SSIS on every server. Only on one. It could be on the central repository server or any other instance. SSIS will have source and target specified in connection strings.

You will find Linked Server documentation here:

If you have tried it, and something is not clear or you’re getting errors, please let me know.

Dear Sir,
i am deployed sqlwatch in 4 servers.for example server1,server2,server3 and server4 deployed sqlwatch. i am making server4 central server4 what kind of deployment can i do .and remain 3 servers what can i do.(what kind of deployment) .in server4 how to import all servers(server1,server2,server3) data .Please help me sir.
Thank you so much your valuable time spending to me.

Ramesh DBA

Have you had a look at the documentation? You can either use SSIS or linked server to import data into server4 from server1, server2 and server3.

The documentation explains how to setup SSIS or Linked Server. There isn’t that much to do. Otherwise I am not sure what you are asking for but happy to help if you provide me an actual problem to solve.

Dear sir,

image getting this error.

some jobs are failed.
Alterative imports | sqlwatch.
can i create all linked servvers in all servers1.2 and 3.

This is just telling me that you’re not able to connect to the target SQL Instance to deploy the database. I am going to assume that the screen shot of agent jobs is from another server.

Make sure the server in question is accessible and you have permissions, otherwise it’s not something I can help you with I’m afraid.

Dear sir
Help me to How to send alerts through mail.
Any stored procedures is there for sending alerts mail.


A good start will be to check out the documentation:

You can configure existing or add new action to send emails and configure which checks you want to the email for.