Azure Log Analytics

I’m wondering if you could post or have guidance on creating the Workbook in that you have in your blog for Azure Log Analytics. I’m new to SQL in general (Windows Server guy) but have the logs going to Azure Log Analytics. I’d like to try this as my primary dashboard for sqlwatch. Anywhere you could post the queries for those different thing you show in the blog or expand on this at all? I’d love to hear!

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Hi, apologies for the delay, the forum is so rarely used that I keep forgetting about it :slight_smile:
I have dumped the JSON form Azure into GitHub:

You may have to change the fallback subscription and resource group at the very bottom of the file - I have put xxx where my subscription id and resouce group was.

Let me know if you need any more info. I should probably blog about it or put something in the docs. Each table from SQLWATCH goes into its own table in Azure Log with _CL suffix as far as I remember.

If you look at the report table, there is a bunch of records with description “Extract for Azure Log Monitor” and the title is used as the object name in the Log Monitor.

For example, the report_id -11:

,report_title = 'SQLWATCH_Performance_Counters'

will become SQLWATCH_Performance_Counters_CL in the Azure Log so I think the JSON will work out of the box

Hi, I have created few docs for this:

Thats perfect. I was able to get the logs going to log analytics but was struggling to produce anything that great. Just getting my feet wet with Log Analytics myself.

With the introduction of the Grafana integration I might play around with this too as something besides PowerBI.

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Cool. The workbook is quite rudimentary, more as an example rather than a full blown solution but it can be expanded. If you need help with getting more data shown let me know and I can help - equally if do expand it and add more charts please (if you can) submit a PR to GitHub so others can benefit.