Able to see all data from watched instances except the central repo instance

I am not seeing any data for the central repository itself, I have a few other instances added and the import is working well for them. I am able to view their data in grafana, but the central repo instance (which I also want to watch) isn’t collecting. The jobs are running on the Central without error. Is it not possible to also monitor the central repo? Should I rebuild the jobs?

Thanks for any assistance.


The central repo is just another SQLWATCH instance so it should gather all the same monitoring as any other instance.

Which version are you using?

Are there any errors in the dbo.app_log table?

Does the @@SERVERNAME match the servername in the dbo.sqlwatch_meta_server table?

Hi Marcin,
Thanks for your reply. Here is the information you requested.

  • using
  • @@SERVERNAME matches dbo.sqlwatch_meta_server
  • There are errors being inserted into [dbo].[sqlwatch_app_log] with each scheduled run.
  • All errors are from - dbo.usp_sqlwatch_internal_process_checks
  • Line error and number are - line 165 , error 50000
  • Example output 1 of many , we have it for different (all?) Check IDS, not just 93:

Unable to evaluate thresholds because Check (Id: 93) has returned NULL value — Query ------------------------------------------------- SET TRANSACTION ISOLATION LEVEL READ UNCOMMITTED SET NOCOUNT ON SET ANSI_WARNINGS OFF select @output=avg(pc.cntr_value_calculated) from [dbo].[sqlwatch_logger_perf_os_performance_counters] pc inner join [dbo].[sqlwatch_meta_performance_counter] mpc on pc.sql_instance = mpc.sql_instance and pc.performance_counter_id = mpc.performance_counter_id where mpc.sql_instance = ‘SERVERNAME’ and counter_name in (‘Page writes/sec’) and snapshot_time > ‘2021-11-05 21:39:48.787’

Looking forward to your reply.

Update - I was able to fix the issue by rebuilding the jobs using the following statement:

--remove existing and recreate all SQLWATCH jobs:
exec [dbo].[usp_sqlwatch_config_create_default_agent_jobs] @remove_existing = 1

I am now able to see the Central repos information as well.